Repave our Waldo arterial streets now

Waldo arterial roads (Wornall Rd., Holmes Rd., Gregory Blvd., 79th Street, Main St, Oak St., State Line Rd., 75th St., 85th St.) remain in poor or failed condition due to years of City neglect.  Something as simple as rain causes wholesale road asphalt disintegration.  Craters, not potholes, form year-round wreaking havoc on tax payer vehicles.  These conditions are hazardous to both personal property and citizen safety.

Each year, Waldo residents hope KCMO will repave the roads only to receive temporary cover-the-symptom patching.  Often times, the patch fails within weeks.


Waldo expects and demands more from city leaders

KCMO is responsible for these streets and Waldo citizens have filed countless 311 Action Center reports with very little action. Please sign this petition to get the attention of City leaders.  KCMO has one of the highest Metro sales tax rates in America. We demand and expect more from the significant tax dollars we pay to the City.  It's time for KCMO to properly fix our Waldo streets.

Join your neighbors as we demand elected and appointed City leaders repave our most important, highly used arterial roads.


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